Eco-Design - Portugal

Bomerango is a company based in Minho region (Portugal) since 2012, having in its core the alliance of technology and eco-design.


We seek to innovate especially in processes, projects and products, where we focus on the principles of envoronmental development, sustainable, economic and social, as way to enhance every day experiences. We work as a team but also in partnerships with other companies, where we participate in any phase of the project, even if these are external to the company, from conception of the idea, to the prototype, to the final product, packaging, the identity and the marketing strategy in order to enter on the market and be marketable.


The company offers services of Design and Product Engineering, Communication Design and Interior Design. This innovation camp of about 30000m2 is composed by a workshop/toolshop, coworking space, showroom/shop and guesthouse.