Design pendants - Germany

IUMI is a well established lighting brand, with their workshop based in the heart of Berlin. The brand specialises on birch wood pendants that are renowned for their clear and subtle design. The brand's aim is to create lighting that creates a warm and gentle environment.IUMI lights are therefore ideally suited to create a cosy atmosphere at home. The lights are also perfectly suited for interior design projects involving restaurants, bars and office spaces for example.


Every IUMI product arrives in a beautiful hand-printed box with the new light ready for assembly. In the same amount of time it takes to make a cup of tea, all IUMI lights can be put together completely hassle-free. All pieces fit perfectly, no glue or screws required. 
IUMI lights are ideal for energy saving bulbs as the light reflects off the wood which creates a warm natural effect.


The lights are made from sustainably grown (FSC certified) birch plywood. The wood is laser cut and hand finished to achieve a perfect fit and the best possible finish. The coloured and white versions of IUMI lights are hand painted in various steps with naturally pigmented colours. The paint is the eco friendliest available in the market and is water-repellent.