Creative inspiration - France


Matea is positioned as an intermediary between all actors in the creation and artistic design : designers, publishing, craftsmen, artists, bloggers, designers, interior designers and art and design enthusiasts. Matea is both a retail space, but also a showcase for all our partners and a place of discovery and sharing, on a last generation web platform. 


> Matea.com : an online store offering a selection of furniture, lighting and design objects 

Matea selects for you the best of contemporary design. Our e-shop offers a wide range of furniture, lighting, decorative items and tableware, as well as the largest publishing houses current design, that young designers and artisans. 

Our approach : offering contemporary objects, high quality, and put forward the original and creative work. 


> Matea.com : an opening in the participatory web, as a model platform marketplace 

Artists, artisans, designers, all independent creators can manage their own online store, fully integrated with Matea universe. They benefit from a window "High Definition" to display their artistic universe and support the marketing of their creations. 

Our approach : give visibility to young independent designers and promote participatory commerce. 


> Matea.com : a retail space offering a selection of works of art and crafts 

Independent artists and artisans highlight their work and inspirations in a sober and elegant universe, and offer for sale their works: sculptures, paintings, collages, prints, glass, ceramics ... 

Our approach : mixing two very similar universe, interior design and artistic creation. 


> Matea.com : a meeting place for all stakeholders in the design and creation 

Our website connects all the actors of the "Home Style", whether designers, interior designers and bloggers, in a chic and contemporary universe. 

Our space "Influences" offers to be guided in your selection by expert advice from our staff, and discover the architects and decorators near you. 

Our approach : create a community web users, specifiers and designers around a common passion : design and creation.