Gry Fager

Designer - Denmark

Gry Fager is a Danish designer working on the design and implementation of design objects.


Your nationality?



What’s your favourite city?

I would have to say Copenhagen. Copenhagen contains a whimsical mixture of people, cultures, bridges, and both very old and modern architecture, bicycles everywhere, promenades and waterfronts, narrow cobblestone streets and cosy cafes and shops. In particular I like The Opera and The National Museum. I love Copenhagen´s diversity both in terms of architecture, atmosphere and inhabitants.


Did you have a childhood hero?

Cinderella, I just love the tale of Cinderella, in spite of all the difficulties she manages, she survives, she prevails - and she gets the beautiful prince in the end. There has to be a happy ending to a great tale.


Tell us about the design you have done for Menu?

The main idea behind Stitches was to create a series of quality products for everyday use that would provide the user with a positive visual experience. My aim was to design a line that was simple and clean in the overall shapes, yet classical and stylish in its depth, this being highlighted by the small details in the recognizable patterns - taken from the Danish tradition of cross-stitching. The line is crafted in porcelain and decorated by utilizing the unique paper decoration technique, transfer print, allowing a broad range of colours and patterns to be applied to the various items of the line.