Note Studio

Design studio - Sweden

Note Studio is a group of designers based in Malmo (Sweden), whose mission is to affect users with a positive mindset and to bring a smile on their face.


Your nationality?

Swedish and Italian.


What/who inspires your work?

We influence each other and I believe that we inspire each other to raise the design level in each project and to push ourselves further and further towards our goal - world domination :) Our inspiration seldom comes from the “design world” and our mood boards often consist of art, materials and colour samples.


What do you think is the most important thing to consider as a designer?

We can’t speak for all the designers out there but for us it is very important to be true to ourselves and go our own way. We want to put a smile to the users face, a friendly and welcoming sensation that follows through the whole experience of the product or interior. We want to affect people in a positive way.


Tell us about the design you have done for Menu?

Pov is a very tender and “graphical” candleholder. You can choose one of the progressive colours to use it as a strong visual object on your table or you can choose a mellow toned colour to let it blend in with the setting. The Pov is modular and can be used to build patterns on the dining table and it can be hung on the wall as a graphic interior detail. The name Pov is short for Point Of View and from the front it looks like a 2D visualization of a 3D cube. Try it :)