Seppo Koho

Designer & architect - Finland

Seppo Koho is a Finnish architect and designer born in 1967, specialized in woodworking and the manufacture of fixtures and furniture.


Seppo Koho has a degree in industrial arts at the University of Helsinki and architecture at the University of Technology in Tampere. In 1995, he founded the company Secto Design, then it becomes the principal designer of the brand. Secto Design specializes in designing wooden fixtures and contemporary design, the Secto creations are entirely handmade. The lamps created by Seppo Koho, so original and warm, offering a pure and timeless Scandinavian design. These fixtures have acquired over the years a world-renowned Seppo Koho has received numerous international design awards.


"In my opinion, the shape is the most important criterion in the design of an object. We must not be blinded by the light of a lamp. On the contrary, the light should gently encourage people to get a little more." - Seppo Koho