Ben Oostrum

Designer - Netherlands

All the world needs is good design. 

I work as a designer at Boo, I run the webshop Boo+Friends together with my daughter Sammie and I promote Tofu in the Netherlands.
As Boo I focus on product and interior design. Mainly interior products like Lighting, Furniture and Home Accessories, but I have also designed Bricks, Tiles and a Jenever Bottle. Amongst other things I'm best known for the Crosslight, a lamp I designed in cooperation with Jan Melis for the Belgium Lighting Company DARK. Besides designing I love to cook and I love TOFU.


As a designer I work for both private customers and companies like DARK, IdFrm, XALA, Spoinq, Havensteder, JB Lorenz, Canock Chase, Pol's Potten, Goedewaagen, Onder de Boompjes, and more... 

B-Happy chair, Ben Oostrum Matea
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