François Azambourg

Designer - France

Winner of the Villa Medicis Hors les Murs in 2003, recipient of numerous awards such as the Grand Prix du Design in Paris in 2004, François Azambourg has since 1999 participated in many fairs and expositions, who introduced his work as a designer : Paris , Monaco, Milan, New York, Beijing, Tokyo ... During this period, Many activities of projects fixtures and furniture were created for publishers such as Ghaade, Domeau Perez and Kreo. 


Finally, a teacher since 1993, he shares his unique approach to the design of the ESDI, Créapole, ISCOM, Boulle Camondos and currently Les Ateliers Workshops. The work of François Azambourg is interested in modes of production and new uses, and is characterized by a rational and expressive materials research. His approach is intentionally experimental.