Gijs Papavoine

Designer - Netherlands

Design virtuoso Gijs Papavoine excels at taking a simple idea to its logical conclusion. Strong graphic elements complemented by an inspired use of basic shapes characterize his work. His quest for the perfect mix of pure lines and functionality has made him a peerless designer of chairs in particular. This culminated in groundbreaking designs in which gracefully arched backs raised the bar in terms of seating comfort.


“My designs always stem from a powerful basic form and are characterized by simplicity. My roots are in industrial design, not in art. My designs reflect this because they are uncomplicated, logical and practical. I start with a general idea and proceed to work it out on paper until the essential features of my design emerge. It’s much like sculpting. As a designer I think it’s also very important to stay in tune with the hustle and bustle of daily life. I thrive on chaos, and an important part of my inspiration is drawn from my encounters with the people I meet as I go about my day."