Gonçalo Campos

Designer - Portugal

Gonçalo Campos graduated in product design in 2008, and collaborated with Fabrica (Center for Research and Communication of Benetton), where he had the opportunity to work with brands such as Gallery Secondo Me, Seletti or Zanotta. In 2009, he joined Sam Baron and studio in 2010, he began to develop a series of products, continuing to explore the possibilities of design through function and materials. 


Gonçalo search for simple solutions that meet the materials and production processes, in a process that begins with the object. This method results in creations that evoke mood, curiosity and intuitive intelligence.

Nuda table, Gonçalo Campos Matea
1 668,00 €
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Metis desk, Gonçalo Campos Matea
5 040,00 €
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X1 shelves, Gonçalo Campos Matea
2 082,00 €
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