Gud Conspiracy

Studio Design - Portugal

Gud Conspiracy is developed by designers Paulo Neves and Alexandre Kumagai, based in Porto project.


The project was born from a long-standing friendship between the two designers. After accumulating extensive experience (as a senior designer Alexandre De La Espada and Paulo as a senior designer ALSC), the two friends decided it was the perfect time to apply their experience in a personal project, offering their design services interiors and products.

Raïa table, Gud Conspiracy Matea
2 784,00 €
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Bolsa desk, Gud Conspiracy Matea
2 880,00 €
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Orca chair, Gud Conspiracy Matea
960,00 €
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Kundera armchair, Gud Conspiracy Matea
978,00 €
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Odhin lounge chair, Gud Conspiracy Matea
1 692,00 €
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