Guillaume & Timothée

Designers - France

Guillaume Rémond and Timothée Barbier are two French designers of metal furniture.


Passion, intuition and common sense, this is the way we create. On the design side, no prejudices, but a common sensibility for contemporary furniture. We are driven by the thirst for challenge and envy. The desire to create more than just a product but a work of which the purchaser must be proud. The desire to unite around a universe within each must be unique. The desire to think and design differently. "Fold" is an art we are trying to make our own. Bending the metal is folded like paper, we challenge the laws and methods. We want to go beyond the rules by playing with the theoretical limits of fabrication.


"Alone we go faster, dual​ we go further, this is our strength to dream and create together. When exchange, design becomes a game ; a game of construction, reflection, question, questioning" - Guillaume Rémond and Timothée Barbier