Henry Massonnet

Designer - France

Henry Massonnet, born January 6, 1922 in Oyonnax, France, and died December 27, 2005 in Bourg-en-Bresse, is a famous French designer. It is particularly known for being the designer of siege "Tam Tam" in 1981. He was also a great collector of art. 


In 1948, he took over the family business of making combs Stamp, he moved to Nurieux-Volognat. He designed a new plastic molding process. His company will have up to 340 employees. Tam Tam was sold twelve million copies in ten years. 


Henry Massonnet was also mayor of Mornay then Nurieux-Volognat and general counsel Township Izernore. He is buried in Nurieux-Volognat under a monument decorated with a replica of its creation in granite.