Designers - Germany

KaschKasch is a duo of German designer to create objects that offer something more, we discovered little by little.


Your nationality?


What's your favourite city?

Sebastian : It´s hard to say, but I really like the small city “Münster” in Germany. It has many students & even more bicycles. It´s always a cheerful and relaxed mood in the city.

Do you have a friend, relative, colleague you especially admire?

Florian : Sebastian is a magnificent gardener !

Sebastian : Florian is the best barista.


Did you have a childhood hero?

Sebastian : He-Man! He is lastly the master of the universe.


The last time you did something you had never done before?

Florian : sky-diving! It felt like … ones brain is not able to get it.

What/who inspires your work?

We are inspired by many things, just like building sites, fashion, people, tools, art and so on.


What is your design philosophy?

Our products are casual and voguish at the same time. Precise lines and geometrical shapes give them a distinct impression, which we like to combine with intriguing colour combinations for the additional Kaschkasch touch. We want each design to offer something extra, discovered by the user little by little.


What is the most important thing to consider as a designer?

To be curious like a kid and to be good at decision-making.


How would you describe your personal interiors style?

Florian : Clean and cosy.

Sebastian : The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot...