Kenyon Yeh

Designer - Indonesia

Kenyon Yeh is an Indonesian designer working in the design and implementation of design objects.


Your nationality?

Asian Indonesian.


What was your favourite thing to do as a kid?

Modifying my motorbike and drawing my bedroom wall with cartoon figures.


Who influences you and inspires your work?

Luca Nichetto. I think he’s a talented designer who’s always passionate about design. His works always surprise me, from his design approach to the materials he works with as well as the style - from Italian to Scandinavian design.


Tell us about the design you have done for Menu?

Yeh Wall Table is a wall leaning side table. The inspiration came from a cheerleader practice I passed by one day on my way to work. Two students were rehearsing strength and balance. The male student was in sitting position up against a wall (but without a chair) and the female student was standing on his thighs to practice her balance and strength. 


Yeh Wall Table is pretty straightforward from the observation I did, as the table is mimicking the position of the male student; back resting on the wall and two legs angled away from the wall for stability. The structure is simple, the design minimalistic. You can put Yeh Wall Table anywhere as a side table to rest books, magazines, flowerpots, lamps or small objects.


What do you think is the most important thing to consider as a designer?

Be passionate, not afraid of failure, and just love what you do.