Lars Beller Fjetland

Designer - Norway

Having grown up on the west coast of Norway, Lars Beller Fjetland has always been fascinated by the materials of nature. After studying economics for three years, this fascination, and the need to work with something more creative, led him to the National Academy of Arts in Bergen, where he graduated in summer 2012.


Lars Beller Fjetland be described as a combination of both curious and pragmatic designers. It allows, for the quality of the material to dictate both the function and aesthetics of the product, and strives to create objects with a sense of both timelessness and longevity.


"Good design must go to the basics: a design must be honest, where you can see both how and why the materials and components are in interaction design is the challenge of using materials only for their qualities. Intrinsic, which will ensure that the object under design has the ability to perform its function without an expiration date. No cheap gadgets, just the pure and simple marriage of function and beauty." - Lars Beller Fjetland