Laurent Gourier

Designer - France

From a young age, Laurent has always loved drawing and tinkering mechanics. He also had a taste for materials. He enjoyed repairing any kind of mechanical objects. It has long hesitated to choose between design and technique and he eventually choose to move towards specialized technical studies in mechanical engineering. His taste for design has therefore accentuated with age. Today, the founder & 30 year old designer has decided to retrain in design. It is in 2014 that Laurent begins to create his own furniture still in parallel as an engineer. Self-taught, he imagines and makes its own design plans and those for manufacturing.


It is in a locksmith's workshop he learns every day the different manufacturing techniques: welding, bending, woodworking, assembly ; etc... It refines its manufacturing technique to progressively of his creations. Laurent attaches great importance to the selection of wood and scrap materials that allow him to recreate all kinds of different furniture : table (bass, bedside or booster) seat (rocking chair, armchair), dresser etc... His pieces are so conceived, designed and delivered even by yourself. His creations are made in France. Handmade, each piece is unique and custom designed limited edition and numbered accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. A Scandinavian industrial and inspiration, the furniture is made with materials in nature and quality. Lamps, chairs, tables, the designer has a wide selection of furniture and emphasizes personalization.