Marco Sousa Santos

Designer - Portugal

Marco Sousa Santos have been developing several interior and exhibition design projects since 1995 when he started an editorial project called Proto Design. Art directing design editions with some of the best Portuguese Designers, he also comissioned several International Designers as Konstantin Grcic, Sebastian Bergne, Bjorn Dalhstrom, C. Pillet, A. Haberli.


In 1998 Marco Sousa Santos started the Experimenta Design Biennial being its Art Director for 3 years and conceiving some of it most relevant exhibitions as : Essentials Deluxe, Design Inserts and Estado de Alma. His curatorial and exhibition Design work for Experimenta evolved into many other projects within the Portuguese Design with International presentations as People in 100% Design 2006, Portuguese Design 2000 in Milan or the Portuguese Road Show in Frankfurt and Tokyo 1998 / 99. Comissioned by The British Council in 2000 Marco Sousa Santos Curated and Designed the first genuine British Exhibition in Portugal at the Lisbon Design Museum - Freeze Frame - showing seven of the most relevant british designers.


During the period of 2001 and 2003, Marco Sousa Santos worked on personal instalations and environments toghether with some of the most relevant international designers. In 2001 Milan's Trienale Essere benne Essere, showed "Perfect Skin" and in 2002 at the Salon du Meuble de Paris, presented the "Low Lounge Code". Between 2003 and 2004 , M.S.S. Art Directed a Design Program for the Lisbon Design Fair In'Nova called Search'in - This integrated Design Program involved a wide range of Designers, Companies and Design Schools from Europe in seminars, workshops and comissions, having as result the edition of more than 100 new products.


From M.S.S. latest works the most relevant ones are also the Walkculture Exhibition at Designmai in Berlin and the Expo Zaragoza 2008 Portuguese Pavillion toghether with Bak Gordon Architecht and the Portuguese Artist Nuno Cera.