Mathieu Léote

Designer - France

From the technique with a higher technical diploma in industrial product design, then a transition to the Engineering School of Tarbes, Mathieu Leote integrates "Les Ateliers" (Paris XI) in 2004.


Graduate Les Ateliers in December 2009, he is entrusted the study design and the comprehensive development of spatial motor bi 4S last plane created by the company Dyn-Aero (Darois, 21). This 9-month project in close collaboration with the tenor of light aviation, Pierre Robin, will result in a reward : the "Innovation Award" at the show in Friedrichshafen in 2010.


This experience in the high-tech theft, allowing it to integrate for several months as a designer prototypist, Cogitech design company known for the development and manufacture of high quality parts in the area of industrial research but also for the achievements of exceptional pieces in the service of larger luxury brands, designers and contemporary architects.


In late 2010, Mathieu Leote based design agency Dolmstudio the heart of Dijon, his hometown and the capital of a region's industrial fabric and craft material. Providing research activity, but also development of modeler-prototyper, the agency works on behalf of businesses, artisans but also individuals in such diverse fields as diverse as aerospace, medical, the interior design, the luxury industry, publishing, packaging, cosmetics, food, violin, etc ...