Mattias Stalhbom

Designer & Architect - Sweden

Mattias Stahlbom is an internationally successful architect and partner at the Stockholm-based architecture and design studio TAF. TAF's aim is to make ordinary life less ordinary through subtle but effective changes in how products and architecture appear and function. Mattias Stahlbom's products have been exhibited at prestigious venues such as MoMa in NY and the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm.


"I like uncomplicated ideas and I really appreciate accomplishing a lot with simple methods and materials. Obvious things that are so ordinary, they become extraordinary. I hope it's equivalent to fun, good social values and an uncomplicated straightforwardness, to accomplish a lot with simple methods. New Nordic design is in one way very international but at a closer look I guess the heritage has a great influence. We tend to think very pragmatic and simplistic, and we put a lot of work into durability. This could be misunderstood as boring, but it is not..." - Matthias Stahlbom