Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Designer - France

Environmental and objects creator, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance was born in France in 1975. Raised in a creative environment, it defines its own language using natural forms, flexible, organic, fluid and structured both . Formed metal sculpture at the Olivier de Serres (ENSAAMA) in Paris, he then joined the furniture section of Decorative Arts. 


Noé is interested in unusual projects: the case of Sketch restaurant in London, which propels her career in 2002. With this flagship project, the agency created in 2003 Néonata, which means "new birth." In 2005, he Senderens undergo a facelift of the first order. In 2007, he was elected "Designer of the Year" by the Maison & Objet, the same year he made the decoration of the Maya Bar in Monaco, St Tropez and Sénéquier new identity lounges lounges of Air France in collaboration with Brand Image. Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance works on projects ranging from the smallest to the largest scale. He signed a line of furniture for Ceccotti, a fixture for Baccarat, a bottle of perfume for Paco Rabanne, the "Dessous Chics", a collection for Zanotta and the contours of a hotel in Marrakech. 


"The object of course is to meet a need and do not create new ones. Beyond this absolute necessity, it must be a vector of meaning and emotions. It is from this angle that I approach drawing of an object, through a language and not a style that I develops as my experience. a language in constant motion expressed by the shape and material and inspired by my environment, natural, real or idealized, experienced or dreamed my emotions. for I sincerely believe the emotional ties that develop between people, space and objects. the objects and spaces that I create in harmony tend towards the same direction, helped sometimes with a hint of provocation, but avoid constantly falling into the avatars of free and seduction." - Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance