Norm Architects

Design studio - Denmark

Norm Architects is a design studio and Danish architecture formed by Kasper Ronn & Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen. Minimalism is not a modern style. Minimalism has been the norm in many cultures around the world since the beginning of civilization. Reduction and perfection were the main objectives for artisans and inventors. Too often, people immaginent design in terms of size added. But it is often plain or reduced is most striking.


In our work, we aim geometric purity, a simple natural and reduced to a feeling of peace and quiet authenticity. We want to reach a maximum expressiveness with minimal expression. We try to balance the visual, tactile and sensual to create an unusual but harmonious experience. We bridge the male and female with obsessive attention to detail. And we aim to create functional objects that not only respond to the need, but also provide joy. We call this the soft minimalism. We strive for timelessness in our work. Trends come and go. The products must not only be durable because they are made from good materials. They should also be aesthetically sustainable in the sense that you can continue to watch and appreciate over time.