Designers - Italy

Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, architects et designers, founded Palomba Serafini Associati in 1994, based in Milan.


Who are really Ludovica + Roberto Palomba? 

"A man and a woman who love their life and their job." 


What do you think of when you hear the word plastic? 

"It remind us the rainbow, that has lots of colors that together become white."


What is your favourite colour? 

Ludovica : "White."

Roberto : "Black." 


Which Vondom item from another designer would you put in your home? 

Ludovica : "Blanca lamp by Javier Mariscal."

Roberto : "Pillow by Stefano Giovannoni." 


What do you prefer, classic or science fiction movies? 

Ludovica : "all the movies, excepct the one very violent and aggressive." 

Roberto : "vintage." 


Do you have any fetish object? 

Ludovica : "my Hermes bags."

Roberto : "my iphone." 


What was the last thing you bought? 

Ludovica : "a new mobile for Roberto." 

Roberto : "a Hermes bag for Ludovica."


Do you believe in perfection? 

"We think that perfection is boring, we believe in imperfection. In this way you can go ahead and learn always new things."


Do you have any fixation or quirky habit? 

Roberto : "not really, I change very often. But I have a collection of elephants." 

Ludovica : "I love theather and in the morning I like to find the table already set for breakfast."


What do you do when you are not designing? 

"Reading, travelling, dancing, loving, watching movies, visiting exhibitions…"