Patrick Norguet

Designer & architect - France

The work of Patrick Norguet has been embraced in disciplines as varied as product designn fashion and architecture. The famed Parisian designer balances his self-taught skills with the trade's basic rules learned from fis studies at l'Ecole Supérieure de Design.


From 1996 to 1998, Norguet was in charge of window displays and specil events conception at Louis Vuitton. Since then, his relationship with the world of fashion and luxury goods yielded opportunities for numerous projects with famous brand names such as Christian Dior, Lanvin, Martine Sitbon, Guerlain, and Bally. An insatiable curiosity for different work filds in fashion, architecture and design - along with a cross-disciplinary approach to design by mixing aspects of the past with scenes from the present - led Norguet in 2000 to open his own design agency in Paris. Norguet's sharp sense of innovation and knowledge of technology has gained him widespread recognition in the design worl. The "Rainbow Chair", made of translucent colored Plexiglas layers, exemplifies his ability to convey a stylish modern shape trough an industrial material.


In collaborations with Pucci, he blends to great effect different elements : the famous fabric prints of the Italian Luxury brand and the ultra-contemporary seating he had designed. His work in ceramics, considered an old and dated material, led to a product exhibit at the Musée d'Arts Décoratifs. His eclecticism reveals rational thought processes : finding a pure and dynamic form, and considering an object in its environment. Norguet's versatility allows him to work with know companies like Cappellini and Artifort as well as to design showrooms in Paris and Tokyo for the car manufacturer Renault. The constantly growing workload of collaborations with Moroso, Jean Paul Gaultier and others provides him with continuing challenges of exploring new design territories in addition to his already impressive body of work.