Rina Menardi

Ceramic artist - Italy

Rina Menardi is a recognized ceramic artist working sandstone. Rina Menardi is an accomplished self-taught woman who refuses to create to create at all costs, but to communicate with us, uses its own language. His studio has about 12 people that the artist wanted in his native Friuli region of north east Italy. 


Firing the sandstone is at high temperature, 1150 degrees. The technique of the artist approaches the ancient Greek antiquity, all production steps are made in the workshop. The colors are unique, only the artist has the secret. The land itself is selected by the artist, the pieces are all unique and shaped by hand on the turn. The color also arises in hand. The artist appropriates the land of his region and forms of his pieces born from this communion with nature. 


"The forms are born of my moods and my confusion. These designs have no specific function and each is free to appropriate and to find a purpose. The subtle colors and shapes speak to the universality of all each one well beyond its own culture and permanently affects our sensitivity." - Rina Menardi