Ruud-Jan Kokke

Designer & Architect - Netherlands

Celebrated Dutch designer, Ruud-Jan Kokke designed the first Spoinq collection, which includes two types of chairs, a barstool, a stackable chair, a coffee table and a dining table. For Spoinq, Kokke has seamlessly brought together function, elegance and simplicity, to produce a collection that is inspiring and exciting and works effortlessly for the consumer in a variety of settings.


Kokke works principally with wood and steel, testing these materials to the limit. He refuses to be tied to any one environment. His designs are perfect for the home but his work is also found in the street and the world of work. Kokke regularly collaborates with designers from other disciplines to create for schools, businesses, government buildings and public spaces. This diversity makes Kokke a flexible partner with extensive knowledge of the complexity of the development task. He sees himself as a builder, with a great knowledge and love of materials and construction techniques.


Kokke has won several awards both nationally and internationally for his work. Several of his designs are already regarded as design classics and are included in the collections of the Municipal Museum in Amsterdam and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.


“A project is only successful if an equilibrium is reached between material, form and use” - Ruud-Jan Kokke