Studio Gud

Design studio - Portugal

Gud seeks for beauty in the truth of shapes, creating objects that aim to speak through our culture and memories. With great attention to detail, we try to take the best from the materials.


Gud  was founded by the designers Alexandre Kumagai and Paulo Neves, a collective based in Porto – Portugal. In 2010, the gud idea began to take shape and both decided it was time to carry out this collective project, offering interior and product design services. Since 2016, the studio is run by Paulo Neves.

Flow barstool, Studio Gud Matea
498,00 €
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Lonstrup desk, Studio Gud Matea
2 382,00 €
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Flow chair, Studio Gud Matea
462,00 €
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Calla chair, Studio Gud Matea
410,00 €
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Chloe mirror, Studio Gud Matea
864,00 €
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Vankka table, Studio Gud Matea
1 102,00 €
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Calla table, Studio Gud Matea
1 908,00 €
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