Studio Sagitair

Design Studio - Portugal

After finishing his studies, Giacomo Cattani began his professional life as a freelancer Interior architect, but his passion for interior design made that in 1990, together with some classmates, they founded Sagitair Studio. With experience in various jobs in different sectors, he developed a multidisciplinary approach and a particular style, that always following the trends, attributes to his work a unique organic.

Cece sideboard, Studio Sagitair Matea
3 642,00 €
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60' armchair, Studio Sagitair Matea
2 459,00 €
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Nerone bookshelf, Studio Sagitair Matea
4 344,00 €
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Anubi wall desk, Studio Sagitair Matea
2 676,00 €
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Poli desk, Studio Sagitair Matea
3 340,00 €
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