Suricata Studio

Design studio - Portugal

We are a group of designers with a studio in downtown Porto.


Through a normal process of growth, development, affirmation and vocational training, we acquired the necessary maturity and experience with the direct participation of national and international projects in areas such as Design, automotive, aerospace or equipment. Our creativity has been exposed in projects for clients such as Tidal Sails, Pele, JP Sá Couto, NxTech, MCA, Pure Mobility, P95, among others.


We adhere to a new challenge, where we intend to express and develop our beliefs and aspirations creative. We develop our work in the field of industrial design, with a network of formal and informal partners, enabling us to meet the demands of all creative fields.

Touch commode, Suricata Studio Matea
5 988,00 €
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Multi stool, Suricata Studio Matea
480,00 €
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