Yvonne Schubkegel

Designer - Germany

Yvonne Schubkegel is the founder of the company Asa Selection. The recipe for success is the emphasis on a philosophy of simple shapes and colors. Collections are distinguished by being unconventional, no frills. 


"The simplicity soothes the soul. Seeing a child's eyes lit with a smile, people have a different idea about what are the most beautiful moments of life. It is said that the best things are often the simpler and the increasing complexity of modern life gave extra meaning to those simple things. It gives us security. and they soothe our souls. that is why our collection focuses more than ever on consistent lines, contours clear and distinct colors. They are unpretentious designs that enrich our perception and we provide a refuge of balance and vitality. It is not difficult to make your home truly beautiful." - Yvonne Schubkegel