Chut ! Collections

Designer - France

The fall that becomes chic ! Boasting a committed and artisanal design, Beatrix Li-Chin Loos became known with "Chut ! Collections", a concept of decorative objects and small furniture entirely made from wooden falls. The pieces are made in Alsace (France), in a sustainable development approach.

The concept is born from the idea that a simple wooden fall can be transformed into a new object, both ecological and aesthetic. To give a second life to the fall, Beatrix Li-Chin Loos likes to work in superposition, marry the crude and the finished. She creates a new graphic that makes all the originality of her works. The result is an unusual, sculptural collection full of poetry. The creator wants to breathe a soul into the object. By insisting on the work well done, each piece is the fruit of a long work of composition and manufacture. Slow design beautiful design.

Beatrix Li-Chin Loos, a German and Taiwanese artist, trained in cabinetmaking at the Ecole Boulle in Paris. She lives and works in Strasbourg.