Furnitures manufacturer - Portugal

DAM is about design, craftmanship and industry. It is about products that tell stories. The brand has high quality furniture and accessories which are oriented to distributors, retailers and interior designers who develop hospitality, corporate and residential projects throughout the world.


“We believe that life is too short to waste time on boring or disposable products. We want people to love the spaces where they go and where they live.”



We work with socially responsible manufacturers that operate according to the highest ethical standards. And we work closely with people with different experiences that contribute to a shared goal that everyone is proud to believe in - to valorize what is done locally. “Each piece results from local synergies between designers, artisans and industry. The challenge is to value what is done by hand, integrating new technologies and attitudes.”

Our production monitoring involves care and precision. We know that there is no machine that can truly replace the hand or the eye, so we ensure the commitment to quality materials, technology and craftmanship to produce beautiful and well made furniture. We push as well the boundaries of possibility, because we want to make pieces with strong personality that can withstand everyday use.

Anas cushion, J. Santos & H. Silva Matea

87,00 €

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Duo stool, J. Santos & H. Silva Matea

413,00 €

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Valentim sofa, J. Santos & H. Silva Matea

4 265,00 €

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Silva clock, J. Santos & H. Silva Matea

141,00 €

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Martins tall chest, J. Santos & H. Silva Matea

1 145,00 €

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Nandos wardrobe, J. Santos & H. Silva Matea

1 420,00 €

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Bela mirror, J. Santos & H. Silva Matea

252,00 €

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Pipo stool,  Matea

375,00 €

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Dina chair, J. Santos & H. Silva Matea

522,00 €

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Dora chair, J. Santos & H. Silva Matea

613,00 €

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