Design studio - France


Objects with a story, elegant, unique, colorful, clean design objects of Scandinavian influence but so Frenchy by their technicality, an eco-friendly design, natural materials, made in France, and it's not bad .

Gone's is primarily a story of brothers. Two Gones Lyon, who in early 2013 decided to settle in sunny Marseille to create their own collection of objects. After over a year of hard work, research partners as motivated as them, high, low, sleepless nights... the designs of Marian (the designer) are taking shape.

Our collection is primarily a compendium of our style and our values :
A design "Franco-Scandinavian", technical, like the bean lamp, our best seller. An editorial sense given by the Finnish training of Marian.


The Made in France, without excessive nationalism, just obvious "geographical": we are french, then produce close to home and not at 8461.52 km from here, especially since our expertise is real ! Environment : in the choice of materials, partners, manufacturing techniques, we take care of our planet! Remain fun! Why design should be snobbish and for the elite ?


Consider these values ​​as a commitment on our part we will try to prove yourself every day (or almost) through our blog, social networking, brief full transparency !