Design studio - Netherlands

JOKJOR is a Dutch design brand founded in 2015. The brand focuses on creating beautiful, thoughtful and above all accessible design. Accessible of course without making any concessions on quality. Quality and usability are in the core of each design. This is our belief. At the end it is all about feeling at home wherever you are. This can be in your house, your office or your garden.


Founder and designer Olav van Lede is at the head of the brand. By nature Olav has a sharp eye for art and design. In the past he spent long hours behind canvas and paintings of his hand can be found on numerous walls. His passion however lies in the world of design. With the development of the Champ stool and cooler the first steps where taken in founding the brand JOKJOR. 


"A smile in the mind" ; that's what it's all about at JOKJOR.