Design manufacturer - Latvia

Arrange, assemble, combine ! 

The furniture collection Mint is based on simple and logical solutions. It consists of independent furniture made from the same materials and colors and with the same concept, which makes them easy to arrange, rearrange and combine.


Design - The laconic forms of the Mint design and clean lines of natural wood are highlighted by the play of contrasts with 8 assorted colors and fun of the Mint palette, which allows you to create custom, harmonious and balanced interiors. Mint design, it is also the quality of materials used and the quality of finished products controlled during manufacture. This choice for quality contributes to the longevity of our furniture and demonstrates our respect for the environment. 


Manufacturing - Mint furniture is made of solid wood and veneer quality. Mint offers wood furniture ash Latvia, as well as American walnut. We use Abet laminate for coating and stainless steel for the wings, fasteners and joining elements. Industrially manufactured furniture Mint represent the balance between the exclusive design and mass production. The modern production equipment ensure the accuracy and fidelity to the standards of quality during the entire process. The hard work of our team combined with a personalized approach values ​​each creation of Mint collection. 


Materials - Mint uses two main types of material, oiled wood and laminate Abet

Oiled wood : solid wood, solid wood edge, high quality veneer. 

Abet laminate : Coating material of high quality (Italy), available in 8 assorted colors constituting a well-balanced range of colors. This quality material is characterized by its color stability, for ease of maintenance and resistance to external aggressions and moisture.