Decoration manufacturer - France

Muskhane daily draws its inspiration from the heart of the Himalayas and offers a soft, colorful and poetic universe, to beautify & beautify his house. A story of men and women who, in the heart of the Himalayas, are pleased to unveil their craft heritage rich in colors and materials, and men and women, around the world are attracted by contemporary objects, and ancestral knowledge used every day in everyday life. It is a passionate team of travel and great Himalayan areas, wishing to share his passion through his discoveries and his creations. 


It is also involved in an approach to responsible business society : it is linked upstream affiliated with the fair trade network providers, or with businesses and artisans in full compliance. It mobilizes to downstream buyers, companies and individuals are aware of and engaged in their purchases. 


Since its inception, Muskhane wishes to develop a human dimension by giving a goal to participate in social activities here in Nepal and mainly in the field of education. Since 2006, Muskhane provides financial support and logistics sometimes the French association DEM Nepal. This small association led a social program in the Kathmandu Valley from disadvantaged families, and allows students to receive tutoring. 


Muskhane also pays attention to the environment : the raw materials used for the production of Muskhane collections are natural and renewable materials. Sheep wool for the manufacture of felt and wool cashmere goat for that. For the production of cashmere, the production process used knitting machines entirely manual. Zero power consumption during knitting, only required when assembling the parts. For the manufacture of felt, the process is totally handmade. Water and soap are the other two components of its realization. The water management is a concern of every day. This is indeed a very rare commodity in Kathmandu, and it is essential not to waste it. Our products are shipped by air only transportation possible in Nepal. To overcome this pollution and offset CO2 emissions, CO2 Muskhane is a member of several. Our annual contribution is used to fund the establishment of 1,000 solar buildings in the Himalayas in India. 


Finally, Muskhane means "smile" in Nepali. It is in this spirit that the founders, Thierry  and Valerie Billot, want to work here and there.