Ô pas Sage !

Design Studio - France

Simplicity and poetry but also ecological awareness and love of materials, that in summary the state of mind of this young brand, 100% Made in France. The first collection, "Un salon de conversation" between wood and porcelain, a symbol of balance declines outcome of artistic research of founder Maud : « le carrond ». This was cited as a virtuoso exercise in style by Connaissance des Arts in September 2014. The second collection "De Retour du Bois", a set of cushions, is derived from the original prints of Maud.


Their philosophy, summed up the Maud with a poem :

Create in respect for the environment,
Manufacturing in valuing French expertise.
That is our ambition, our dream ô pas sage !
Offer to you the furniture, dishes,
Beautiful, functional, simple and eternal.
That is our challenge, our joy ô pas sage !
Imagine the sense of filled objects,
Without taking himself seriously.
That's our common thread ô pas sage !