Outdoor furniture - Belgium

Lush green and sparkling blues. The enticing sounds of trickling water and of leaves rustling in the gentle breeze. For centuries weary travellers, adventurers and other visitors have appreciated the wonders of the oasis. A safe haven on the long sandy trek through a desert. A place for rest and recreation before the journey is continued.


Imagine green rooftop gardens in hectic cities. Spacious terraces looking on to wide-open countryside. Swimming pools shimmering in the moonlight. A ski resort banked by spectacular mountain scenery. OASIQ aspires to create an oasis of calm where it is desired. To reflect beautiful natural surroundings where they are present. Our passion is to design outdoor furniture for people who share our dream.


Versatile style

Our style is distinctive yet versatile. Timeless with a modern touch. OASIQ outdoor furniture bridges the divide between indoors and outdoors effortlessly. Dining, playing, relaxing, resting, entertaining guests – every activity is catered
for. Ultimately however, our collections serve a purpose beyond functionality. We endeavour to enrich people’s experience of outdoor living. To connect them with the beauty found in nature’s elegant creations. For we believe that an appealing outdoor setting, crafted with attention to detail, contributes to people’s feeling of well-being.


Our source of inspiration

Connecting people to the beauty of their surroundings is a process that begins with a keen eye for organic patterns. For shapes that are pleasant to behold. The simple elegance of nature’s own creations is always the source of our inspiration. Luckily for us, nature’s secret was unlocked centuries ago. The beauty of the patterns found in a pine cone and in the perfection of an uncurling fern is expressed by the golden ratio. This is always the bedrock of our approach.


Blast from the past

The new OASIQ collections are a contemporary take on some of the trends of the fabulous fifties that have stood the test of time. The 1950s were a time of innovation in design. The use of new materials inspired clean lines and comfortable curves with an emphasis on leisure from the USA, and graceful soft-edged teak designs from Scandinavia. Lively pastel colour schemes in pink, turquoise, mint green, pale yellow and blue were the rage. In fashion it was the heyday of Dior’s ‘New Look’ and, thanks to television, exuberant music and dance styles, such as Rock and Roll, the Bunny Hop and the Hand Jive, exploded onto the scene. 


Creating originals

Creativity thrives on linking up ideas, combining them into something new, making connections that express originality. Our creations are inspired by links to vintage designs that have endured for decades by winning people’s hearts. They are crafted by skilled people who feel passionately about what they create, and whose craft-culture handiwork provides a unique touch. The outstanding quality of each piece is ensured by modern design insights and the use of high-tech materials. And when it comes to originality, we love to work with designers who share our ambition to exceed people’s expectations and open the door to imagination.


Q for quality

Quality is in our DNA. Our company’s roots can be traced back to a long tradition of craftsmanship in fine leather, sturdy metal parts and weatherproof textiles for equestrian sports. This makes us especially qualified to meet the high demands made on outdoor furniture. The materials we use are guaranteed to endure the elements, as well as to meet the high standards of comfort and flexibility modern life sets.