Robba Edition

Publishing house - France

First design editot to use the potential of acrilyc glass and digital cut , Robba Edition innovates in the field of mural creation by proposing original mirrors designed by great creators, In 2013, Robba Edition still breaks new ground, with its new trestles collection, signed by some of the greatest names of contemporary design.


Addiction Collection - More than just mirrors, these over-sized pieces reflect the singularity of their authors' vision. Each model will become unique, by reflecting your own space. Easy to fix up and easy to clean, very lights, they are numerically cut from acrlic glass. The mirrors are made in France.


730 Collection - For this new collection, just one condition, up to the level of our designers' talent : a 730 mm trestle. Collection 730 innovates by proposing sculptural trestles, turning into beautiful bases for inifite compositions of tables or desks. Poetic, graphic, geometric, simple or complex, these creations enhance their designer's universe and come whitin the great French tradition of decorative arts, where fonction serve beauty and vice versa. Collection 730 is produced in France in the craftmanship tradition to guarantee quality and longevity.