Secto Design

Lamps editor - Finland

Secto Design is a Finnish company that publishes the lamps design in wood. The designer of the collection Secto Design lamps is Seppo Koho ​​architect whose designs demonstrate a pure  and timeless Scandinavian design. The lamps are in Finnish birch gives a warm feeling to light. The design of the lamps is both classic and contemporary,  shape of shades is simple and interesting. Secto Design collection is highly appreciated by both interior decorators for quality, functionality and timelessness that adapts to different styles architects. 


Finnish quality is worth Secto Design. The lamps are made ​​manually by PEFC Finland - Finnish origin certified birch. Secto Design lamps reflect the atmosphere of the Finnish nature with forms and materials. Ecology is an important element in the production of the collection Secto Design. Requiring manual labor is performed by experienced Finnish carpenters. The basic idea of the collection remained the same as the collection grew. The shades are made of strips of birch, joined by rings against plywood. Secto Design lamps are available in natural birch, white or black laminate and recently walnut veneer. 


The collection Secto Design lamps came in 1999 with the introduction of the now classic suspension Secto 4200. The collection has evolved rapidly, with the additions of small conical lamps, desk lamps, reading lamps and sconces. The Secto Magnum, almost 1 m in height was designed for public spaces and Octo lamps and Victo brought to the rather large collection. Puncto suspensions, and Atto Kontro provide alternative spaces for lesser height. The new series Owalo, suspensions, desk lamps, reading lamps and sconces give a lighter note to the collection.