Design company - Spain

Vondom is one of the main company in the design, production and the commercialization of flowerpots, furniture and lighting for the avant-garde high standard decoration. A company that is characterized for the innovation, the dynamism and quality of the materials and the processes in manufacturing, offering wide range vanguard products of high characteristic by the rotational molding process, activity that supposes a deep integration among the technical-constructive competences, the relating to the projection and the creativity.


At Vondom, we work to create art, always looking for the natural beauty, and thus providing our products with their unique personality. Their designs are contemporary and avant –garde, becoming an integral part of their domestic scenario. Inspired for enriching a more innovative, creative and beautiful design. Within our own designer department – Studio Vondom – we create our products with internationally renowned designers such as : Javier Mariscal, Jmferrero, Teresa Sapey, Karim Rashid, Ramón Esteve, Stefano Giovannoni, A – Cero, Archirivolto Design… to develop a consistent commitment to innovation in all our products, employing the technique of rotational molding and the ecodesign. The 100% recyclable material (the resin of polyethylene) is deal with the maximum market requirements to guarantee a long-life use supporting the most extreme atmospheric conditions keeping their colors during all their life.


Each piece of our collection, inspired in the real and dream idea. suggests a balance between simplicity of form and sophistication of their texture, the adaptation and the beauty. From Vondom we distribute all of our products worldwide, being present in the most prestigious establishment and international fairs of the furniture sector. In our broad catalogue proposals are found for both the exterior as much as the interior of your space.