Lighting manufacturer - Netherlands

Zenza is a company that makes decorative objects, it has become particularly famous for its collection of lighting. The company is characterized by its craftsmanship, inspired by eastern regions.


There is a certain magic to the story of how our company started. Karin travelled to Egypt 20 years ago to look for intersting items for her new home accessories company, Zenza. She came back not only with a handbag full of samples, but also madly in love with Hussein ! Soon business steadily grew – as well as their family. And they still live and work together passionately. 


Yasmina, who started working for Zenza a few years ago, developped herself as the best office manager we could dream of. Since 2010 she became co-owner of our company. Zenza became especially famous with its beautiful lamp collection and gamered the attention of designers and stylists worldwide. Nowadays there is great appreciation for the handcraftsmanship that is so characteristic of our collection. Handmade products have a « soul » whiche gives them an extra value and beauty. We often combine ancient techniques with a modern twist in our design and develop a very elegant, intimate but nevertheless modern atmosphere with our collection.

Dôme pendant lamp,  Matea

149,00 €

59,60 €

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Cylinder wall lamp ,  Matea

89,00 €

44,50 €

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Gabs candlestick copper,  Matea

33,50 €

16,75 €

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Ball M lamp,  Matea

180,00 €

72,00 €

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Little pear pendant lamp,  Matea

112,00 €

44,80 €

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