Designers studio - France

Created by two young passionate current and futuristic, Zhed founded the originality of its design furniture on the succession of folds made ​​in a sheet of metal. After the Chinese "zhe" meaning "the art of folding", which later gave birth to the Japan Origami term, Zhed Asian brand has the etymology of its name. The design and manufacture of furniture is French and craft. 


Born in the mountains of Auxois, in the heart of Bourgogne (France), Zhed takes shape and life where Julius Caesar and Vercingetorix crossed swords two millennia earlier. The expertise of the expert hands of our ancestors has been passed from generation to generation, thus extending a regional and secular tradition. Proud of this remarkable legacy, Zhed has a mission to burn in the DNA of its contemporary designs all its ancient secrets. 


To ensure the use of furniture indoors and outdoors, Zhed selects materials and paintings of the highest quality. Zhed products are certified "French manufacturing." To ensure the strength of our products, we choose the thickness of sheet 2 to 6 mm, adapted to each piece. The steel used is pre-treated by electroplating or galvanizing, protecting it from corrosion. After re-galvanizing, each piece is cleaned, degreased, passivated, rinsed, steamed and dried before application of polyester powder paint baked. All our products are inspected before being packed and shipped. Each piece features a certificate of authenticity stating its serial number and the quality control sheet which appears on the date of inspection and the name of the quality controller.