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Geraldine, 30 years old, architect ! Passionate about fashion and design, I created this blog to share my heart strokes, my desires and exchange tips...


After getting my degree in architecture, I spent a year in another school to specialize in the design and scenography. Apart from these "professional passions," another dominates : fashion. Whether shows, trends, fashion history or just organizing my closet, I remain curious and eager to discover. Far from me the idea of imposing a style, but rather the desire to share my heart strokes and tips.


This blog is primarily a way to exchange on topics that are close to my heart. And as rightly said Karl Lagerfeld, "Fashion is neither moral or immoral, but is made to cheer !"


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  • ,  Matea
    Black ceiling lamp
    By Bloomingville

    Metal suspended wooden hanger head. Matte black. Dia 38 cm - h 18 cm


    The fall and winter means shorter days and longer nights, the perfect time to brighten up your home with Bloominville lamps, and enjoy the many new designs and materials proposed by the brand. A unique opportunity to create a style house.


    Bulb 40W E27 not included, 2 meters cord.

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  • , Inga Sempé Matea
    Balcon shelf
    By Inga Sempé

    Shelf to screw in natural beech wood. Dia 14 cm - h 2 cm


    Design Inga Sempé. The small Balcon shelves, Bénitier tidy and Belvédère shelf/mirror with an incorporated screw are both available in birch or enamelled ceramic. Really easy to install in every room to display everyday objects. They can be used alone or set up as a group.


    Balcon shelves are sold individually or in sets of 2 or 3.

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  • , Jonas Wagell Matea
    Hello floor lamp
    By Jonas Wagell

    Floor lamp in steel and beech wood, blanc. Dia 49 cm - h 165 cm


    Design Jonas Wagell. Hello is a floor lamp that adds light and character to its surroundings through its simple, clear and playful character. Hello is designed by the Swedish designer Jonas Wagell. Hello has a futuristic expression with the round forms of its shade and body giving the lamp character. It is almost calling out in a hushed way. Hello’s inner shade in acrylic reflects the light and creates a soft and pleasant surrounding light. The body, made of beech, contrasts against the steel shade and adds warmth and a playful expression to the floor lamp. 


    The idea for Hello came when Jonas Wagell needed a large lamp for an architect project – a lamp which was to have a form that resembled a mobile. He ended up with a simple construction of several small aluminium shades attached to a piece of wood. This planted the seed for creating a floor lamp. 


    Jonas Wagell explains : “Many existing lamps either have a very technological appearance or look quite basic and cheap. Floor lamps – and lamps in general – which have a simple design but also a strong character and a high quality and finish are difficult to come by. Hello is an attempt to fill that gap.”


    Bulb E27 not included. Textile cord 4 m with switch. 

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  • , Simon Legald Matea
    Era armchair low wood
    By Simon Legald

    Armchair in reinforced foam covered with Tango leather, walnut feet. Low model : 72 cm x 75 cm - h 77 cm


    Design Simon Legald. Classic, inviting, nostalgic and curved. That's one way of describing the new range of lounge chairs designed by the Danish designer, Simon Legald. But the Era collection is many other things too. The design is well-proportioned, the lines are sharp, and the feel is contemporary. Era combines modern production techniques with traditional furniture craftsmanship in a timeless and characterful design. 


    With its streamlined design and high quality, Era is a durable, long-lasting and versatile collection that easily accommodates modern interior’s need for flexibility. The chair is suitable for many different rooms in the home and can easily be used for different purposes as needs change. The Era collection is designed to transcend generations and is just as at home with lovers of design or families with children, as it is with young couples or their grandparents. 


    Simon Legald : "It took a while to get the proportions and the interaction between the soft curves and straight lines on the shells just right. It was crucial that the upholstering and stitching were carried out with the utmost precision. I wanted to create individual chairs where each one had its own character. I did this through the variations of the high and low versions, and by the different frames available for the chair. For example, the wooden frames are flat and add warmth while the slimmer, round steel and chrome frames give a more industrial feel. Finally, the frame for the rocking chair is a slightly unexpected and playful choice for a lounge chair."


    Furniture made to order*. Choose between two textiles weaving wool blend that combines beautiful and bright colors (Gabriel - Fame & Breeze), and a soft and durable leather, available in many colors. A counselor will contact you after your order to choose the fabric or leather color.

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  • , Resta & Autheville Matea
    UFO candlestick
    By Resta & Autheville

    Candlestick in natural and white lacquered solid ash. Dia 12 cm - h 16 cm


    Design Resta & Autheville. Inspired spaceships, UFO is a candle in two parts, with four slots warmers or candles. Each parts is reversible. Made in the Jura (France).

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  • ,  Matea
    Triangle vase 2
    By Bloomingville

    Triangle vase 2 ceramic, patterns black triangle. Dia 11.5 cm - h 22.5 cm


    A collection of ceramic vases with delicate geometric patterns. The vases Triangle beautify your home in complete sobriety.

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