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I blog from... 

Since September 2011. I have always been passionate and playful decor by new technologies, suddenly why not create a blog ? 


Where I live... 
I live in Marseille, "borned and raised" as they say ! 


Two or three things about me... 
I'm Aurelie, I'm 28 years old, I am young decoration blogger informally, and mother of a little chick 


Where and how to meet me... 
It will be a cyber meeting if you do not mind ! You'll find me on Hellocoton, Facebook and Twitter basically. 


What do you want to make your blog ? 
I want to share my inspirations. The decor is sometimes so expensive that it is enough to be inspired, to have ideas and to reproduce in his own way, this is my objective ! And very often people say "I have no idea ..." so I hope to help with my posts ! Since I have my blog, I have acquired some credibility, my friends ask me for more design tips, I love it ! 


Your click for decoration, where did it come from ? 
I am interested in the decor has always been a teenager I wanted to be interior decorator see you ! But I think this is the day where I could become the owner of my apartment that I actually invested and interested in very close to different designers, trends, etc. 


The color you like most ? 
It's hard to choose a color but I would say the pale pink, very much in the current trend. 


Your best decoration advice moment ? 
Opt for graphic shapes, pastel colors, wood, white ... 


And forever : what will never go out of style ? 
Wood, for me is a great value ! Whether parquet, furniture, worktop or decorative object, wood crosses time and trends ! And the Scandinavian design of course. 


The house of your dreams, how is it ? 
Old typical Marseille 30s, with Spanish tile print style, high ceilings with moldings, marble fireplaces in the bedrooms, a large window overlooking a garden and all with a decoration blending modernity. It makes me dream just to talk ! 


The decor trend do you hate ? 
Too tired to kick or conversely too modern can quickly make cheap ! 


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  • , David Geckeler Matea
    Nerd bar stool
    By David Geckeler

    Bar stool in oak, natural. 75 cm model : 45 cm x 46 cm - h 89 cm (seat : 75 cm)


    Design David Geckeler : The Danish simplicity and the iconic expression is combined with a classic perception of a solid barstool. The shape of Nerd barstool invites the user to sit on the stool from several angles, helped by the soft, curvy plywood shell. The low backrest of the barstool gives a pleasant support and comfort.”

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  • , Thomas Bentzen Matea
    Cover Chair
    By Thomas Bentzen

    Chair in lacquered ash wooden, gray. 56.6 cm x 46 cm - h 76 cm (seat : 46 cm)


    Design by Thomas Bentzen. Cover chair is made entirely of wood, not metal. The timber is folded over the legs of the chair, this technical innovation of the superposition of the wood maintains the chair as a whole.


    Thomas Bentzen​ explain : "Cover is from a desire to create a comfortable and contemporary armchair in wood. I aimed for a crisp and vivid expression in the plywood while looking for a solid and grounded look in the frame and base of the chair. Three years of play and hard work in the making has resulted in a light, yet strong armchair, playing and taking the molded veneer to its extreme."


    The Cover chair is available in Natural model and in several colors, on request.

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  • , Simon Legald Matea
    Sumo pouf
    By Simon Legald

    Pouf, foam, ash wood, textile recovery Gabriel Fame & Argos, turquoise. 65 cm x 45 cm - h 40 cm


    Design by Simon Legald. For Normann Copenhagen designer Simon Legald has created a pouf in a class of its own. Sumo’s simple expression makes it easy to spot the detail and complexity of the upholstery and stitching; and the materials – wood, textiles and buttons – have been playfully combined. The visual expression is robust and friendly. The inspiration behind Sumo originates from the classic Danish furniture industry, in which special attention is paid to the detail and craftmanship in creating the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.


    Simon Legald says : “I enjoy working with techniques which are necessary for the design and I like including – instead of hiding – them as part of the design. The synergies, upholstery and buttons therefore play an important part in the otherwise simple design. I have also consciously stayed away from the square shapes and made the expression soft and pleasing to the eye.”


    Clean with textile or upholstery cleaner. Frequent vacuuming with a soft fitting is recommended to preserve color and appearanceTextile : Gabriel/Argos 2 : 100 % Polyester (Trevira SC), 50.000 Martindale, Pilling : 4. Gabriel/Fame: 95 % Wool, 5 % Polyamide, 200.000 Martindale, Pilling 4. 

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  • , Nicholai Wiig Hansen Matea
    Tablo table rectangle
    By Nicholai Wiig Hansen

    Coffee table in plastic composite and wooden ash legs, black. Rectangle model : 78 cm x 45 cm - h 42 cm


    Nicholai Wiig Hansen Design. The popular Tablo range, designed by Danish designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen, has been expanded with a square and rectangular version. The essence of the Tablo table is the interaction between two materials with very different expressions, which combined forms a minimalistic and stylish design.The refined sharp edge and rigorous expression of the tabletop harmonises beautifully with the legs, giving the table a clean, minimalist look.


    The name, Tablo, refers to the English 'table' and the French 'tableau', the latter meaning a scenic, organized arrangement. It is crucial for Nicholai Wiig Hansen that function, material and aesthetics are taken up to a higher level. The design needs to both be useful and solve a basic need - without compromising the visual expression. This is why it is part of Tablo's function that it can be quickly and easily assembled without screws.


    Normann Copenhagen say : "We wanted to add a whole new dimension to the series, so it was obvious that we needed to start with the form. The table's simple, sophisticated expression remains the same, but the square table opens up a number of new combinations and furnishing options that we would like to offer our customers."


    The legs are quickly and easily assembled, without tools or glue.

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  • , Fratelli Campana Matea
    Amanita lamp
    By Fratelli Campana

    Lamp in rattan. Triple switch. Dia 50 cm - h 60 cm


    Design by Fratelli Campana in 2012. "The Amanita Lamp is made of rattan, laced in a form that brings to mind the elegant umbrella shape of the mushroom bearing the same name. The rattan creates an open-weave effect, letting out a myriad of little light beams softened by the natural colour of the material. Amanita has two bulbs, allowing three different lighting combinations. The combination of bulbs and wicker creates a play of light and shadow on the surrounding walls of the living room." Alberto Alessi

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  • , Trine Andersen Matea
    Letter Tray
    By Trine Andersen

    Smoked wooden oak plywood documents tray, pink. 24 cm x 33 cm


    Design by Trine Andersen. These stackable and rustic documents trays are perfect for your loose sheets of paper. They are manufactured from smoked oak veneer and are available in four different colors. They can be used separately or stacked.

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