Christophe Perichon
Interior designer - France

Christophe Périchon is an interior designer and French designer based in Paris (75).


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  • , Jasper Morrison Matea
    Op-là table
    By Jasper Morrison

    Tray/table in stainless steel, tray in thermoplastic resin, light blue. Dia 48 cm - h 52 cm 


    Design by Jasper Morrison in 2012. The Op-là tray/table, has been designed to be interactive, with combinable solutions for two objects : Op is a tray, while Op-là turns into a tray-table. This functional versatility allows you to move the contents of the tray/ table when in use and, in the end, to rearrange it quickly. Two large handles are cut into the circular shape so that the tray can become a stable table.

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  • , Stéphane Clivier Matea
    Undergrowth saucers
    By Stéphane Clivier

    Set of 4 saucers. 20 cm x 4,2 cm - h 11 cm


    Design Stéphane Clivier. Saucers and base in solid beech and poplar plywood from eco-friendly forest. Made in Jura (France). 

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  • , Nadia Arratibel Matea
    Bob table
    By Nadia Arratibel

    Table with stained beech wood frame and top. 90 cm x 90 cm - h 75 cm


    The organic sweetness of nature inspires forms of Bob family, a nice picture for rooms that invite to rest in harmony. Nordic inspired designs.


    All models shown on this article sheet have a stained beech top and structure.

    The Bob table also exists with a stained oak structure and with several top finishes (Laminated + Birch plywood, Arpa Fenix, Tinted oak, Ceramic), on quote.


    Furniture made to order*. A counselor will contact you after your order to define the tint of wood. The table can be equipped with pads, on request.

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  • ,  Matea
    Carla set cups
    By Bloomingville

    Set of three Carla ceramic cups, orange, blue and pink. Dia 7 cm - h 7 cm


    Share your meal with friends or family in a warm atmosphere: the wonderful collection of art from the table Bloomingville offers a wide variety of styles and a wide range of colors. Carla collection features simple, elegant design, and is available in all table elements: plates, cups, egg cups, etc ...

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  • , Jordi Pla Matea
    Bop chair
    By Jordi Pla

    Wooden ash chair, lacquered gray. 40 cm x 52 cm - h 75 cm (seat h 45 cm)


    Design Jordi Pla. The designer Jordi Pla has created a simple and unique chair for Normann Copenhagen. The rounded lines and excellent ergonomic proportions give the Bop Chair a playful and welcoming feel, making it functional and comfortable to sit on. Jordi Pla's designs are often inspired by nature. This is clearly evident in the Bop chair that evokes thoughts of the Baobab tree, known for its characteristically stout trunk. The designer has worked with shapes, proportions, thickness and details giving Bop a soft yet robust feel. 


    Jordi Pla says : ”As a designer, I think one of the most difficult things is to create a chair, as there are so many on the market it can be difficult to come up with something new. My aim was to give the chair its own unique character, and I made a total of 200 sketches before I came up with the right design. I have played around with the balance between grown-up and childlike modes of expression to give the chair personality, and I hope that people feel like smiling when they see it.”

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  • , Marco Sousa Santos Matea
    Xtick table lamp
    By Marco Sousa Santos

    Magnetized table lamp in solid wood, white metal structure. 30 cm x 3 cm - h 2,4 cm


    Design by Marco Sousa Santos. Like a chameleon, Xtick fits all forms of lighting for your room. The five powerful magnets inside the body allow you to play around the support L-shaped, to find the direction of the most appropriate light. Supplied with L-shaped metal bracket, it can be placed next to your desk for everyday reading or on a shelf. However, you can start exploring existing metal surfaces you may have around the house and invent lots of useful ways to use it.


    Support size : 14 cm x 10 cm - h 20 cm. LED Max 3W 12V included. 

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