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Cocoon de décoration, it's me, Julie. 


I'm 30 and some a cherished and two cats. I live in a loft in the center of Dunkirk country where it rains but not that ... 
In life, I am an entrepreneur and essentially interior designer. I created my agency deco and space planning in January 2012. 


I started blogging in 2008, at the end of my studies in Literature and I quickly talked about decor. The blog where you date 2011. Here, I talk a lot of decoration, but also what happens in my life from time to time with rants that are good. 


I think I am passionate about interior decoration since my childhood. It's a job that requires knowledge combine knowledge, creativity and listening to its customers. But I like to dream before and make any concrete dreams. I am self-taught. This does not necessarily please in France where the degree is king (and not very useful). I formed partly through my blogs. And especially because I am very curious and curious about everything. 


I love blogging ... I blog a lot, but always with the same pleasure for 6 years. I write here but elsewhere.


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  • ,  Matea
    Pet lamp
    By Curwa

    Table lamp made of wood and aluminum. Black model. 25.5 cm x 30 cm - h 53.5 cm


    Table lamp that combines the natural appearance and the warm feel of the wood with metal in a piece inspired by the animal kingdom. Its straight lines entice us by the simplicity which reminds us of an animal’s sitting posture, evidenced by the emphasis of the metal lampshade.


    Red textile cord. Bulb not included (E27, 100W), UE electrical standards.

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  • , Nicholai Wiig Hansen Matea
    Tablo tablo L
    By Nicholai Wiig Hansen

    Round coffee table, plastic composite and ash wood legs, grey. Large model : dia 78 cm - h 42 cm


    Nicholai Wiig Hansen. Once again, Nicholai Wiig Hansen has created a design for Norman Copenhagen which unites function and aesthetics in a simple design. The essence of the Tablo table is the interaction between two materials with very different expressions, which combined forms a minimalistic and stylish design. The table top has a refined, sharp edge which contrasts with the round shapes. The result is a minimalistic table without redundant details.


    The name, Tablo, refers to the English 'table' and the French 'tableau', the latter meaning a scenic, organised arrangement. With its simple expression, Tablo fits into most interior styles and is available in a large and a small version. Tablo is quick and easy to assemble without the use of screws.


    Nicholai Wiig Hansen says : “For me, it is paramount that function, materials and aesthetics all come together. The design needs to both be useful and solve a basic need - without compromising the visual expression. Being easy to assemble is therefore part of Tablo's function.”


    The legs are quickly and easily assembled, without tools or glue.

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  • , Rina Menardi Matea
    Solo vase
    By Rina Menardi

    Stoneware vase, red poppy, handmade. Dia 12 cm - h 55 cm


    Rina Menardi creation. Cooking of the sandstone is at high temperature, 1150 degrees. The technique of the artist approaches that ancient Greeks of antiquity, all stages of production are made in the workshop. The colors are unique, only the artist knows the secret. The Earth itself is selected by the artist, the pieces are all unique and shaped by hand on the turn.


    Rina Menardi explain : "The forms are born of my moods and my confusion. These creations do not have a particular function, and everyone is free to appropriate and to find a use. The subtle colors and universal forms speak at all one each well beyond its own culture and permanently affects our sensitivity."


    Rina Mernardi collection offers a variety of bowls, plates, vases, and decorative objects. There are many models of all sizes and available in multiple colors, on request.

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  • ,  Matea
    Inês table
    By Wewood

    Oval table made of solid oak, white lacquered struture. 219.5 cm x 104.6 cm - h 76 cm


    Design Wewood Studio. Inês is the big sister of Maria table, they are related when it comes to inspiration and design, but are different in shape and size. The oval shape makes this table more suitable for larger spaces and to sit more people. Crafted in solid oak, inês adapts to many environments due to its contemporary design and resistant structure. Perfect for meals and leisure times, this dinner table comfortably sits 8 people.


    Furniture made to order*. Packaged in a plywood box. 

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  • , Mini Labo Matea
    Multicolor patterns tray
    By Mini Labo

    Birch wood round tray. Dia 45 cm


    Designed Mini Labo. Mini Labo signs a collection of pots with a unique graphic and poetic universe. Ideal for ingedients of your kitchen, or simply to place its little secrets.

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  • , Axel Delbrayère Matea
    Landscapes Eggcup
    By Axel Delbrayère

    Egg cup in natural hornbeam. 14.7 cm x 11 cm - h 3.7 cm


    Design Axel Delbrayère : "Solid wood is a pleasant warm material I particularly like for its softness when it is finely sanded. It gave me the desire to create articles which invite to be touched and caressed. I expressed this desire by drawing fluid unbroken shapes for a range of kitchen ustensils, so usual articles, so much handled. Sculptural as if they were floating above the table, these objects don't have to be hidden after use; they can be contemplated everyday."

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