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DatchMe is you ...
Your home needs a makeover but the inspiration and the time are missing ? And if the good idea was hiding your neighbors ?
DatchMe is the first community platform dedicated to the decoration which offers photos of real interiors made by real people to inspire each other. Each photo is deco-ded  by the community with products that have achieved the decor, easy tips to reproduce and especially shopping addresses associated to regain one click where to buy what you like and recreate at home a nice atmosphere !


And ... that's us !

Two young women motivated and enthusiastic, ready to shake up the decor of codes !
One sought inspiration to give a facelift to his apartment, but had not found what she was looking at existing sources ; the other had made a nice decor at home and wanted to share it with others to help them discover his universe.
From there was born DatchMe, a site that combines inspiration and shopping through real interiors and authentic decor experiences.


Site : datchme.com

  • , José Pascal Matea
    Kora sofa
    By José Pascal

    Sofa in beech, velvety yellow fabric. 135 cm x 75 cm - h 80 cm


    Sofa, Rewind collection. Design by José Pascal. Beech wood legs, velvety fabric. Symmetry of design, a double base of equal squares, an optical effect that mirrors one place with another. The Kora couch adds a hint of the 50s to your home.


    Furniture made to order*. The Kann Design products are entirely manufactured in Lebanon, complying with a sustainable development approach : all timber used is FSC certified. The artisanal production method allows manufacture tailor-made.

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  • , Resta & Autheville Matea
    Hats of the World pegs
    By Resta & Autheville

    Set of 6 wooden pegs in solid beech, satin lacquer finish and natural varnish. 8.5 to 9.5 cm - h 10 cm


    Design Resta & Autheville. Hats of the world is a tribute to the cultures of our planet. Made in Jura (France).

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  • , Paul Bellila Matea
    Dada armchair
    By Paul Bellila

    Wooden armchair solid oak with linen cushion. 60 cm x 60 cm - h 82 cm (seat : 42 cm)


    Designed Paul Bellila. Dada is a armchair that imposes its solid oak material. The chair is discreet and gives an authentic character to your home. Its design is sleek and voluntarily comfort is certain. This book is flat mounts quickly and takes up minimal space. It's the perfect companion for your landscape table.

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  • , Malte Grieb Matea
    Fläpps shelf 80x40x2
    By Malte Grieb

    Shelf in birch muliplex white lacquered. 80 cm x 15 cm - h 40 cm


    Design : Malte Grieb. The Double Slim. Take away the frame and give your favourite books plenty of space. For docking to its fellow shelving units.


    Folded size : 80 cm x 40 cm x 3 cm

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  • ,  Matea
    Cruzeta hanger
    By HR Design Studio

    Hanger in pine wood and blue powder coated steel. 50 cm x 40 cm - h 120 cm


    Cruzeta is the name of this hanger and its shape is inspired by the need to simplify a simple task. The structure is made of pine wood in which the spring makes the connection, making it an elegant and very practical piece. It’s a hanger for him and for her, where they can put their day-to-day clothes with an extra support for the shoes. The Cruzeta is available in various colors for an ideal combination in your

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  • ,  Matea
    Hat suspension
    By Eno Studio

    Suspension in polyester, white. Dia 63 cm - h 17 cm


    Designed by Mars Design Studio. This pendant light replaces the conventional lampshades with its floppy hat shape letting the users’ imagination run wild.


    Bulb included, wire cord 3 meters.

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