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Homify is an independent platform for architecture, interior design, decoration and construction.


The team Homify consists of about twenty young enthusiasts residing in Berlin, Germany. They aim to connect owners and professionals from all over France. Homify is the contraction of the words Home (home) and Modify (Change).


Website : homify.fr

Contact : info@homify.fr

  • , Norm Architects Matea
    Felt board
    By Norm Architects

    Board in felt with wooden pins. 30 cm x 5 cm - h 30 cm


    Design Norm Architects. The Felt set is a multi-functional system, usable for many purposes. But it is above all the perfect way to decorate your home. The starting point is simple: a gray felt square. Although the shape and material are gross, the panels can be combined in a set in order to create your own design on your wall, unique way. You can use them as functional details in your hallway, office or in your home, in your kitchen, your living room, they will find their place in any room of your home.


    The Felt panels were also designed with the acoustic aspects in mind. The idea was to create a soft surface that would improve the acoustics of the house and create a better indoor environment. The warmth of wood and the softness of the felt Felt panels to provide a true Nordic identity. The design is strict and sober, but the subtle roundness of elements creates a softer look that balances the male and female aspects of the product.


    The Felt collection is available in tables pins, photo holder, magnetic boards, clocks, coat racks and mirrors. All the elements are combined, but can also be used alone. Available on request.

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  • , dB innovative Matea
    Swing shelve
    By dB innovative

    Swing shelve in felt 100% pure merino wool, grey. H 62 cm


    Design by dB innovative. This shelf concept implies the user in a vital creative process. It's up to you to choose the support that will complement this swing console. Stimulate your creativity, impress us !


    The support is not provided, only the grip strips. All Products Avec Ceci are entirely manufactured in France.

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  • , Mendes Macedo Matea
    Tres stool dark
    By Mendes Macedo

    Stool in dark cork and blue thermocoated metal. 40 cm x 35 cm - h 44.5 cm


    Design Mendes'Macedo. Três Stool has 3 sides, 3 legs, but many forms to fit that adapts to any person and posture. The imagination is the limit. It works as a modular stool or side table in cork material, portuguese noble material, the seat is supported by a touch of color and fun !

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  • , Julie Gaillard Matea
    Flo coffee table
    By Julie Gaillard

    Coffee table in stained solid oak, colored lacquer. 110 cm x 70 cm - h 38 cm


    Design Julie Gaillard. The work on the collection Flo bring a graphic touch to your interiors, available in various colors and many colors it will bring dynamism to your interior.


    Materials : Panel top, base and legs in solid oak.

    Finishes : Polyurethane Fondur (2 layers). Cellulose varnish. Wood tint and laque color at choice.


    Furniture made to order*. Samples of wood tint and laque color on request : Contact.

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  • , Nadia Arratibel Matea
    Don bench
    By Nadia Arratibel

    Bench 2 seaters, epoxy steel structure, type A fabric recovery. 142 cm x 51 cm - h 78 cm (seat : 46 cm)


    Nadia Arratibel Design. Don family, a contemporary and industrial style. A personality and a cool air for a retro and industrial style.


    Furniture made to order*. Laminate and steel colors to be defined at the time of the order. 

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  • ,  Matea
    Chinese Man lamp
    By Nexel

    Copper table lamp. Dia 39 cm - h 50 cm 


    Copper metal treated or painted matte black, with a tilting head that makes him look nod, she takes his exotic figure in our everyday world.


    Lighting made to order*. Bulb not included. Source: E27. Voltage 230 Vac. Power : 60W.

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