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Experienced interior designer, I created Innen Architecture, an interior design studio in 2014.

I accompany you in developing your internal development projects, I reinterprets the organization, the volume of your personal or business space, I draw the built-in furniture, plays with light, materials, color ...
Through dialogues, I identifies your needs, your tastes, your needs and your budget, then I gradually refine your project and finally, I shall monitor your work.

I am also particularly sensitive to sustainable development and health in the frame. At your request, I propose alternatives to traditional materials. I am on the lookout for new materials that meet these challenges, as well as initiatives to follow.


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  • , Yvonne Schubkegel Matea
    Chava tray
    By Yvonne Schubkegel

    Oval tray in wooden mahogany. 55 cm x 35 cm


    Designed by Yvonne Schubkegel. Harmony. Peace. Clarity. No other beverage is as multifaceted as tea. People drink it in all kinds of situations. Tea is invigorating, it sharpens the senses, it promotes concentration and it helps us to find inner balance. There are very few beneficial properties taht tea doesn't have.

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  • , Vibeke F. Schmidt Matea
    Bau suspension
    By Vibeke F. Schmidt

    Suspension of natural wood lime. Small model : dia 57,5 cm - h 44 cm


    Design Fonnesberg Vibeke Schmidt. Bau is a sculptural hanging lamp designed by Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt, who has combined color, composition and geometric shapes in a unique and creative design. Bau is a hanging lamp with attitude. The design is based on interlocking geometric circles, sticking out in all directions. Bau has an immediate pattern that is broken up by the discs' colors, sizes and off-centre linkages, making the lamp living and organic in its expression. 


    Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt's designs are often based on geometric shapes, and her love for architecture is also reflected in the Bau lamp. In German, Bau means construction, and it is exactly the lamp's construction and composition that create an expression of harmonious disharmonics. 


    Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt explains : "Decoration does not need to be restricted to objects you hang on the wall, but can also form an integral part of more functional objects, such as a table or a lamp. This creates new and exciting opportunities in furnishing. When you move your position in relation to Bau, the tight geometric lines are broken. The sort of experience I want people to have is to see the Bau lamp and wonder what it looks like from the other side. It must appeal to peoples' sense of curiosity."


    Suspension to assemble. Electric cable included, E27 bulb not supplied. 

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  • , Arik Levy Matea
    Dissolve Full Mirror
    By Arik Levy

    Decorative mirror made from acrylic glass mirror 3 mm. 99 cm x 180 cm


    Addiction collection, design by Arik Levy. Both fixed and moving Dissolve Full is a very aesthetic mirror which decomposes itself by deforming what it reflects. The imaginary reconstruction of the rectangle formed by the mirror also reads like a puzzle that the eye mentally recreates .


    Easy to install this mirror contains double-sided Velcro pads for an easy installation and removal.

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  • , Frédéric Fraysse & Ludovic Brunet Matea
    Tablasic table
    By Frédéric Fraysse & Ludovic Brunet

    Steel EZ table, textured epoxy paint. 67 cm x 67 cm - h 74 cm


    Designed Frederic Fraysse and Ludovic Brunet. The range offered by these two French designers including furniture, decorative objects and design steel fixtures. All products are entirely made in France. Coco & Co creations design is minimal and comes in multiple colors.


    Furniture made to order*. Suitable for outdoor use. Tablasic table is available in several colors (White, Red, Blue, Black and Grey), a counselor will contact you after your order to choose the steel color.

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  • , Jonas Wagell Matea
    Swell sofa 2 seaters
    By Jonas Wagell

    Sofa 2 seaters in Gabriel Medley textile, steel feet. 167 cm x 93 cm - h 70 cm


    Design Jonas Wagell. Swell is a minimalistic collection of living room furniture with a playful, light-hearted feel. The Scandinavian simplicity of Swell is accentuated by a stringent design without unnecessary details. In spite of this, Swell oozes with character and personality and the soft, curved shapes give the furniture an inviting look and ensure a fantastic sitting comfort. The name Swell is a reference to rising bread. Swell has a full shape, consisting of a robust padded back and seat and two curvy armrests. The stitching on the back and the seats divides the sofas into sections and completes the feel.


    Jonas Wagell says : ”I've always been fascinated by minimalism, but I like to add a warm and personal touch to the products. I have taken the aesthetic and practical qualities that I prefer in furniture for the living room as a reference point and in this way, Swell very much reflects my own personal taste and style.”


    Furniture made to order*. Seat height : 42 cm. Swell is available in fabric Gabriel - Medley or fabric Gabriel - Breeze Fusion. Normann propose a range of diverse and varied colors, from neutral shades of gray and brown to deep calm shades of blue and purple, to shades of yellow, red and green bright, energetic, and a classic black. A counselor will contact you after your order to choose the fabric color.

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  • , Cédric Ragot Matea
    Tops salt and pepper
    By Cédric Ragot

    Set salt and pepper in charming wooden, black and white. Dia 6 cm - h 8 cm


    Design Cédric Ragot. To embellish his table playfully ! It does not roll...? It behaves like they were manufactured... It turns...

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